Old Projects (1995-2005)


A high-performance extensible single-threaded server architecture (currently supporting HTTP, FTP, and other Internet protocols) for Unix and Windows.


A dynamic GUI class library for Win32 and Python. Designed in the spirit of Java's Swing library and ParcPlace Smalltalk.


A simple virtual-machine/compiler for the core of the programming language Scheme. The long-term goal is to host on top of it a dialect of Python with support for closures and first-class continuations; this language will be used to experiment with the asynchronous i/o techniques of Medusa, and to explore the idea of event-loop-less graphical user interface libraries.

Coroutines in Python

A coroutine is a control-flow feature that lets you arbitrarily suspend and resume a 'thread' of control. They make it possible to build simple easily-understood systems around asynchronous I/O that would otherwise require complex state machines.

What happened to these projects?


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